Developers Flock to modo

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Modo 2.0

3D content creation software company Luxology, has announced that the industry’s leading developers of pre-built 3D content, including DAZ 3D Dosch Design and Digital Juice are relying on its application modo to build a wide array of high-quality 3D content for their customers.

modo, the award-winning modelling, painting and rendering software, has quickly become the top choice for the job with leading developers thanks to its speed, friendly workflow and superior toolset.

“modo is a favourite among leading companies that are upping the bar on what some people might call 3D ‘clip art’,� said Brad Peebler, president of Luxology. “The modelling, painting and rendering power of modo is perfect for creating models that are used throughout the 3D industry. Furthermore, the technical requirements of these companies, that base their businesses on delivering high quality 3D assets, is helping to drive the continued development of modo.�

Dosch Design, the German company that specialises in 3D models for the architectural and package design industries cites modo as a favourite tool among its artists, as it plays a vital role in their content creation process. “We pride ourselves on producing true-to-life 3D representations and modo gives us the modelling and texturing control we need to excel in high quality 3D model construction� said Sebastian Dosch.

More information on Luxology, and a free 30-day full-featured evaluation version of modo is available for immediate download from

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