The Web Designers Tool Kit

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I have put together some of the best and the most useful set of links and resources a Web Designer and a Developer would need. Almost every requirement for developers and designers are now as Online Services. Even I make use of almost every resource below. Enjoy

  • DHTML AJAX Javascript

    • RO Scripts - Growing Collection of Scripts under various categories

    ro scripts

    • HOT Scripts - Huge collection of Scripts under various categories.

    hot scripts

    • DHTML Goodies - Easy and Nice DHTML and AJAX scripts with cool examples.

    dhtml goodies

    • DHTML Site - Extremely cool collection of very useful scripts.

    dhtml site

  • AJAX Frameworks and JS Effects


    • - easy-to-use, cross-browser user
      interface JavaScript libraries to make
      your web sites and web applications fly.

    script aculo us

    mad 4 milk

    • Moo Tools - Compact, Modular, Object-Oriented javascript framework

    moo tools

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