Web 2.0 Badges

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Here is a set of very cool Web 2.0 Badges for you in .PSD and .PNG formats.

There are a lot of badges out there… But the best thing to notice in these set of badges are that they are extremely customizable. Just follow the steps below…

  • Open the .PSD file in Photoshop
  • Choose and get into the Badge ( group ) you wish to use
  • Double click on the base layer to get the Layer Style window
  • Move to the Gradients section
  • Choose any gradient and the badge is ready to use. The best resource I recommend here is “Web 2.0 Gradients” - This is a set of FREE Web 2.0 gradients for download in .GRD ( Photoshop gradient ) format.
  • Optional - Customize the text to be displayed on the badge ( you will find the text in the first group )
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