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Yes, This is the actual gallery running on the Works section of my site. I was and am still in pregress of building a much better Flash XML Gallery.... ( coming soon )

The key features of the upcoming gallery would be:

  • A wide range of Transitions
  • One-Click Flickr and Picasa Integration
  • Albums
  • and lot more... i'll review once the alpha is running. ( Ideas are welcome )

Coming back to this current gallery.... I put this up here cos a lot of them had asked for it. This gallery is very simple to customise.

View Demo

I mentioned in the Works section - This gallery is not created by me, Found this in one of my old download collections... The fact that I don't even know who created this gallery. Anyways The filesize is around 117kb. The one for download here is the same running on my site ( with the images too ). The download here is 1.36mb


A link to this page would highly be appreciated.


Its all in the XML and the Folders. Simply place the Thumbnails under /images/thumbs and the Actual Images under /images. Below is the structure of the XML.

XML Structure

If you take a look at the download files I am sure you will understand. Hope you like this Gallery.


  • All the Credit to Tony Yoo - The author of this Gallery. Below is the source file for download.


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