20 Free Tutorials to Create Your Own Flash Game

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Flash is a very flexible tool for building games that are both entertaining and educational. However, the software itself is a quite tough to learn and extremely hard to master. There are lots of websites providing free and paid tutorials of flash. Here we present you a bunch of free tutorials for game development in flash. Anyone who knows flash likes to create his own flash game. We believe these are the best free tutorials available in Flash Game Development. And all these tutorials come with the source files.!

1. Flash Racing Game Tutorial

Flash Racing Game

This is a "time trial" racing game tutorial. After completing it, you will be able to make your own racing game with custom tracks and cars, smooth collisions, lap records and more.

2. Balloon Shooter

Balloon Shooter

It is a shooting game where player / user have to shoot the flying balloons and gain the points. There are orange colored balloons, which gives player / user extra bonus points. Player / user get 1-minute time to play this game, within this period he / she need to shoot as many as balloons he / she can. For every missed balloon, separate score is maintained.

3. Guess Next

Guess Next

GuessNext, a simple card game with highscores.

4. Space Shooter

Space Shooter

Its a series of tutorials on how to develop Space Shooter game.

5. Platform Game Tutorial Redux: All The Basics

Platform Game Tutorial

This tutorial will show you all the basics of creating a platform game, Collisions that automatically move up slopes, Jumping, Moving, Simple Scrolling, Basic AI, and health

6. Make a dynamic hangman game with XML and ActionScript

Hang man

This tutorial is intended for intermediate or advanced users of ActionScript. Before continuing with this lesson, you should already know some fundamental ActionScript concepts, such as variables, if/else conditional logic, for loops, function basics, paths, dynamic text fields and movie clip events.

7. Snake Game Tutorial

Sanke Game

The "snake game" (it has several names) is one of the simplest game concepts ever, and just like Tetris it's very addictive. There are a lot of variations of this game written in Flash, and this tutorial will explain one way to create it. It's a relatively easy game to code, but many fail to make sure that when keys are pressed in rapid succession they are all registered. This is necessary if you want to have full control of the snake at all times.

8. Create a survival horror game in Flash tutorial

Horror Game

From Wikipedia: Survival horror is a video game genre in which the player has to survive against often undead or otherwise supernatural enemies, typically in claustrophobic environments and from a third-person perspective. This is the tutorial of a new and very funny game that introduce some concepts I've never seen before in a Flash game.We'll learn how to create the engine for a survival horror game.

9. Creating a Flash Lite Game Tutorial (Flash game for Mobile Devices)

Develop your own Flash Mobile Game

The game we will create is a very basic arcade game, the player merely collects the objects before they reach the ground. If he fails to collect three objects then the game ends. This tutorial will teach you how to create a Flash Lite game playable on the Flash Lite Player version 1.1 - one of the earliest versions and most restricted, but the most widely spread version as well. Our basic game could be created without using the advanced features provided in later versions. Adopting Flash Lite 1.1 will guarantee that the game will be compatible with the largest possible number of Flash Lite powered devices.

10. Flash dodge ball game

Dodge Game

This tutorial teaches to create a dodge ball game in Flash. This is going to be a very long tutorial so even newbies should be able to follow it, and hopefully learn a lot, and to see how easy it is to make games in Flash. It is divided into 7 parts, from making of the character to getting points.

11. Create a flash artillery game

Artillary Game

This tutorial teaches you to create a flash artillery game. Something like Worms. Or similar.

12. Creating a Sniper Game in Flash

Snipper Game

It teaches you to create a Snipper Game in Flash. The step by step tutorial will be very helpful for you to create similar games in future..

Part 1-

Part 2-

Part 3-

13. Chicken and Eggs Game

Checken and Eggs

This tutorial going to teach you create one of the most popular game in Flash - Chicken and Eggs This tutorial only explain the logic used by the game and will not go into creating the graphics. You will need to change the used Movie Clip graphics to personalize the game to your liking. Also remind you that using the same graphics of the original game could be illegal.

14. Mini Car Race Game

Mini Car Race Game

People show you how to make your car move, or a car with boundarys - but you may wonder how to make your own mini-game.. good animaters will find the CPU part alot easier by the way.

15. Flash ball game with visual effects

Flash Ball Game

This tutorial I'll cover two types of gameplay: one with the ball that runs on a static stage, and one with a fixed ball with a scrolling stage. We'll see the pros and cons of both type of games.First of all, you have to take your ball to the exit of each level avoiding any kind of traps.

16. Flash Fighting Game tutorial

Fighting Game

Learn how to make a Fighting Game with this simple and good tutorial. Learn how to make HP bars, hitTest function and more

17. Simple Jigsaw Puzzle Tutorial

Jigsaw Puzzle

The aim of the project is to demonstrate the object oriented capabilities of Flash. This is a simple four piece jigsaw puzzle, programmed with ActionScript. The coding is done in such a way that new puzzles can be created using the same file, with very little effort.

18. Basic Flash Hit Game Tutorial (Video Tutorial for Beginners)

Hit Game Tutorial

This tutorial teaches how to Create a character, move it, create buttons, basic hitting, and use health bar.

19. Create a flash game like Security 2

Security Game

This is one of the interesting games in Flash which is created in logic of the game Security 2 . It's a simple game: navigate through a level by using the arrow keys avoiding security traps and guards. This one is easy do develop but so interesting about artificial intelligence.

20. Complete Flash pool game with high scores

Pool Game

This is one of the very latest flash game developed by Alejadro Quarto, from Argentina. You can download the source file from the blog of Emanuele Feronato. Alejandro made this game in a day! The step by step tutorial is yet to be published. Still you can download the source file now.

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