Kick Your Photos Up a Notch

If you’re a Photoshop expert, you should probably spend your time reading the other posts in this blog, because this entry is dedicated to our clients and basically anyone who is not a professional in photography or design but would like to give their photos a better look, whether they are intended for their website, brochure or for the family album.

Having a professional photographer take the photos for your new state-of-the-art website or brochure is highly recommended, because the quality of your photos will impact greatly the quality of the final product. A picture is the first element that draws the eye into a page (virtual or not), and the text message is usually secondary.But, if your budget hit bottom and you must take the photos yourself with the shiny point-and-shoot company camera, or if you must dig deep into the archives for past photos, there is still hope. Here is a list with the most common problems that you might run into, and their simple but very effective and easy to apply solutions. The solutions described below are implemented in Photoshop CS3, but they work for previous versions of Photoshop, unless otherwise noted.

Essentials for a Successful Organization

We are looking at publishing articles that would help young entrepreneurs to explore endless possibilities to build a strong and successful Organization. Here is our first attempt...

1. Systems in place:

System In Place

Systems define the plan and when you have a plan in place, everyone knows what to do and gives very little scope for error. The system should be framed as a series of task and functions. For each task, define the Input, the output expected, Owner, Dependent task, Start and End date. Institute system for Sales, Project Management, Packaging and Delivering.

Photoshop Satin Cloth Tutorial

In this Photoshop tutorial you will see how to create a crumbled satin cloth look from scratch. This is a very simple and easy concept. (sorry if this video too makes you drowsy)