20 Sites with Beautiful Character Illustrations

Its time for more inspiration. We see a lot of illustrative sites popping up with some pretty cool stuff. Here is a list of 20 sites with beautiful illustrative characters.

1. Silverback

2. MailChimp

CSS Standards & Best Practices

CSS is used to define the User Interface of a Website & to separate content from presentation.

CSS is something that is extensively used on almost every site. Lets take some time to ensure that our stylesheets are built with some good standards. The below tips will really help CSS beginners a lot in development.



This definition helps you & others understand more about the Site as well as the CSS file rather than the content in the CSS. The Index is just a formatted paragraph of text as a CSS comment.

10 Clean Forum Designs

Forums are the best sources to gain & share information. Here is a list of 10 clean Forum designs we found for you...

1. MacHeist3

2. Designerstalk