On-Stage: Free Vector PSD Icon Set

One of our contributions to SmashingMagazine

This is our second icon set after a long time. We have been writing about Lights & Shadows and this whole Icon Set is purely based on the same concept. This icon set is a freebie on Smashing Magazine too.

The beauty of this Icon Set:

  • 100% Vector - Shape Based
  • Layered PSDs
  • 128 x 128 PNG included
  • 100% FREE - use them anywhere…


Web 2.0 Gradient Swatches

131 Illustrator Gradient Swatches

Adobe Illustrator is one of the most common known design software for vector work. We are never into Illustrator, but some how we were managed to convert each and every gradient into Illustrator manually.

We hope now there will some way or the other way to get these gradients into other vector based applications too.

If you feel this resource useful, please feel free the DIGG this article to support us….

dfTheme for Wordpress

Free Dark Wordpress Theme

dfTheme is a simple dark Free Wordpress theme for Download. This was originally built on Wordpress 2.3 and we will rework this for the leatest version ASAP. This theme doesn't support widgets. They manually need to be edited from sidebar.php


  • Enable the theme
  • Enable all the modules that come with the download
  • Customize the module from the options tab
  • and you are good to go...

If any bugs or improvements, please put them as a comment.

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Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.