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14 Prototyping and Wireframing Tools for Designers

A website wireframe is a basic design draft done before any artwork and used in web design to show the structure of a website, custom user paths, most important user interface elements, their position and relationships between website pages. Wireframes lay out in black and white schematically most important elements in the interface such as header, footer, contact form, navigation.

Wireframing is a process that can significantly decrease the amount of time required in design and development by removing potential visual distractions and focusing the attention of project stakeholders on vital functionality and strategic marketing factors. 

Here are a few key reasons you should always wireframe:

  • Allows you get a clear picture of what information will be needed on each page before design
  • Allows you to spend time and really focus on what each page’s purpose is. Careful plannings is paramount.
  • Allows you a fail-safe for uneducated clients who tend to change their minds during the design phase of the project. If the site is planned out properly in the wireframe stage the functionality of the individual pages shouldn’t change much.
  • Allows you to set a fallback point. When a client signs off on a wireframe that means they agree to what’s on that page. Education of the client also plays an important role here as well as they need to know that changing items already signed off on the wireframe can and probably will bloat the budget.
  • Allows you to have a clear look at how the site will react to various visitors without the clutter of color or design elements.
  • Allows you to remove any clutter that may be added to to the site that may be unnecessary and detrimental to the site goal.
  • They’re easily adjustable (pre-signoff) and easy to produce allowing the planning process to move along smoothly and efficiently.
  • Reduces the chance of scope creep.
  • Gives the designer a clear view of what needs to be designed
  • Gets the client deeply involved in the planning process early and opens communication between both parties


In this article we'll look at a few neat Wireframing & Prototyping solutions available out there.

1. Omnigraffle

Type: OSX App

OmniGraffle can help you make eye-popping graphic documents quickly by keeping lines connected to shapes even when they're moved, providing powerful styling tools, importing and exporting Microsoft Visio files, and magically organizing diagrams with just one click.

YoDaa - The Design Process

Yodaa is a San Jose based Web Design Agency that images brands through it’s creativity and simplicity. Yodaa works to build most effective websites that helps a business meet their website objectives, captivate the customers and improve the customer experience.

The goal for the redesign was to keep the site extremely simple and accessible, so our best bet was a single page site. Some key points on this design:

  • Single Page
  • Vibrant Colors
  • Depth in objects
  • Fully designed from scratch in Photoshop
  • BTW, I designed the logo too :)

In this article we wanted to walk you trough the high level design process of the site. Here it goes: